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[Diabetes: Deconstructing the Three Mysteries]

Author: Kammie Yu-Founder of  Diabetes Angel|Xinyi stretches beauty(Cigna Nobuyoshi)

Excessive sugar intake increases the risk of diabetes? Can diabetics return? Does insulin injection represent the end of the disease?

Cigna is satisfied (Cigna) is satisfied (Cigna) especially Kahin-the founder of Diabetes Angel Kammie Yu's deconstructionist deconstruction of the diabetes labyrinth.

Immediately unable to prove that sugar intake directly attracted diabetes, excessive self-esteem, understanding, diabetes prevention measures began. Example: Factors such as sugar intake, pancreatic cancer, pancreatic index and self-maintenance status.

Admit that there are many swords and sugars that accompany the treatment: https://bit.ly/2qJq2yy

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Vaccines and diabetes

The new crown pneumonia is raging around the world, and patients with diabetes can not stay out of the matter, and even have the opportunity to be more vulnerable to the threat of pneumonia than the average person. In fact, people with diabetes are more susceptible to infectious diseases than ordinary people. This includes infections from viruses (such as coronavirus, influenza), bacteria, and even fungi (such as Candida, invasive fungi).

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Epidemic prevention starts with prevention, and vaccination is an effective way to prevent infectious diseases.

[Free registration for members-300 places]
Hong Kong Diabetes Federation Healthy Long-distance Run 2021-Online Run

The association organizes a long-distance running event at the beginning of each year. The purpose is to encourage the public (especially those with diabetes and those at high risk of diabetes) to exercise more to achieve a healthy life; at the same time, it also uses this to raise money to serve more diabetic patients and to promote education about diabetes prevention.

This year, due to the epidemic situation, the association changed the form of the event to online, and specially allocated 300 free places to members of the association. The content of the event is as follows:

● Target: Member of Hong Kong Diabetes Federation

● Quota: 300 (free, while stock lasts)

● Registration method: Fill in and submit the application form online (https://forms.gle/xt4ASoW28F8HCkTZ9)

● Details of awards and activities: (See the picture above/Online registration)