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2.Matters needing attention when elders exercise

3.Guidelines on the amount of physical activity for the elderly

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According to the survey results of the "Community Fitness Test Project", there are more than six adults (persons aged 60 to 69) in Hong Kong who are overweight or obese with a waist circumference of over 90 the elderly with centimeters (males) and 80 centimeters (females) (defined as "central obesity" by the World Health Organization) are also over 40%. The survey also showed that about 37% of the people suffer from hypertension.

The overall research results show that the level of physical fitness and the amount of physical activity are related to each other. To enjoy a pleasant old age, exercise is essential, so it must be established for healthy lifestyle.

Appropriate exercise is good for the body and mind, the benefits are as follows:

1.Strengthen the body and improve the cardiopulmonary function;

2.Consumption of calories#, helps maintain a healthy weight;

3.Improve blood pressure and lower blood lipids;

4.Prevent or control diabetes;

5.Prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke;

6.Prevent osteoporosis;

7.Prevent some cancers (e.g. colorectal cancer);

8.Reduce the risk of falling;

9.Adjust the mood , relieve the stress of life; and

10.Help make friends and broaden your social circle.

#Understanding physical activity and calorie consumption will help weight management.

Example 1: A 75-year-old elder with a weight of 65 kg can consume approximately 120 kcal when walking slowly for 30 minutes.

Example 2: A 60-year-old elder with a weight of 50 kg can consume approximately 140 kcal to do 30 minutes of aerobics.

(Note: The above examples are for reference only. The actual calories consumed will vary depending on the individual's age, gender, physical stamina, technical level, and intensity of activity.)

To encourage the elderly to exercise more, the following introduces chair exercises, aerobics and towel exercises suitable for the elderly. In addition, muscle training and balance exercises will be introduced to meet the needs of the elderly.

Matters needing attention when elders exercise:

1.Consult a doctor or professional before exercising;

2.Pay attention to safety, remember to remove obstacles in the range of motion;

3.Wear suitable sports clothes and sneakers;

4.It must be done step by step, starting with a simple exercise;

5.Must do warm-up and relaxation exercises before and after exercise;

6.Keep breathing smooth and pay attention to changes in your body, such as dizziness, difficulty breathing, pressure on your chest, etc., should stop exercising immediately; and

7.According to「Conscious effort scale」(See the table below), the exercise intensity should generally be controlled between 5 and 7 points, and must be adjusted according to personal physical fitness.

Conscious effort scale

Guidelines on the amount of physical activity for the elderly:

Remarks: The relevant guidelines of the World Health Organization define the age of the elderly as 65 years of age or above; after consulting with relevant local professional organizations, this department believes that the guidelines for physical activity for the elderly listed in this leaflet are the same Suitable for 60 to 64 years old.

Elderly gymnastics

Step: A Warm up                     (i) Active sports

                                                    (ii) Stretching exercises

          B Fitness exercise          (i) Elderly chair exercise

                                                    (ii) Elderly Walk Dance

                                                    (iii) Elderly towel exercise

                                                    (iv) Elderly static balance exercise

                                                    (v) Elderly muscle exercise

          C Easy exercise              (i) Elderly breathing exercises

                                                    (ii) Stretching exercises


Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China

Health Soup

Clearing Heat and Stomach-Yexianghua, Winter Melon and Chen Duck Kidney Soup

The vegetable stall sells night scented flowers from Southeast Asia. The locally grown night scented flowers will not go on the market until the middle of next month. This flower is in an outlying island I have seen it in the mountains. When the flowers are in full bloom, they hang on the climbing plants. They are very beautiful. It’s generally best to pick buds that are not in full bloom, no matter what soup or scrambled eggs are fragrant and refreshing, which arouses appetite.Yexianghua has the functions of relieving wind, relieving dampness and stomach, promoting qi and blood circulation, detoxification and swelling. It is used to roll pig liver and wolfberry soup.Working on a computer is very beneficial for people with eye fatigue. It can improve eyesight and help prevent conjunctivitis.Today we recommend this soup with night scented flower in winter melon and Chen Duck Stomach Soup, which is very helpful for people with poor appetite, indigestion, red eyes, swelling and pain.The auxiliary materials are: 2 taels of night scented flowers, 1 catty of winter melon, 2 pieces of Chen Duck Kidney, 6 taels of lean meat.Method: Wash night scented flowers; wash wax gourd with skin and cut into pieces; cut lean meat into thick slices, and drain the same water with Chen duck kidney; add wax gourd, duck kidney,boil the lean meat in 8-9 bowls of water for 2 hours to make 5 bowls. Add night scented flowers and boil for 5 minutes.

~ Tips: This clear taste is delicious and can be enjoyed by all ages. Night scented flowers should not be boiled for a long time, so it is best to boil a good soup before making it later.Tianshi's best health soups are also beneficial to patients with three hypertensions.

Beauty and beauty-sweet-scented osmanthus fig tea

There are many sweet-scented osmanthus trees planted in the park near the home. I like the sweet and mellow fragrance of osmanthus, so I usually buy it make some sweet-scented osmanthus tea, or buy some sweet-scented osmanthus at a Nanhuo store to make desserts or sugar water for consumption. Drinking osmanthus tea for a long time can not only relieve tension, nourish and whiten skin, and help improve oral odor.Osmanthus fragrans can be roughly divided into golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus, dangui and four seasons osmanthus. Most of the plants planted in the park are often blooming osmanthus, the flowers are white color or light yellow, the aroma is lighter than other varieties; The golden osmanthus has the most fragrant golden color and the most fragrant, the general edible is the golden osmanthus; The silver osmanthus milky white or light yellow, the fragrance is slightly inferior to that of golden osmanthus; The number of dan seasons is less, the flower color is mostly orange or orange red, the flower color is gorgeous, and the fragrance is also thick, more ornamental value. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Osmanthus fragrans is warm in nature and has the effects of strengthening the stomach, resolving phlegm, dispelling blood stasis, and calming the liver. Current chemical research indicates that Osmanthus fragrance has rich antioxidant effects,can inhibit the formation of melanin, so drinking osmanthus tea can make the complexion whiter. Today I recommend this "Osmanthus no fruit tea",It has a good beauty and beauty effect, because figs are rich in polyphenols, which can reduce the damage of free radicals to the skin. It can moisturize the intestines and lax, improve metabolic function, and excrete body waste. The two substances are used together, and the skin is naturally supple and beautiful. The ingredients are: 1 tablespoon of osmanthus, 3 to 4 figs. Method: slice the figs, put them in the same room with the sweet-scented osmanthus, rinse with boiling water first, then pour boiling water, bake for about 7~8 minutes and drink.

~ Tips: This tea is fragrant and can also invigorate the spleen and stomach. It is quite beneficial for people with indigestion. It is more suitable for people with cold constitution and the elderly.