Case analysis

Customer testimonials

Over the years, customers have shared their progress with us when using our products. This is a sample of our client testimonials. In order to protect the privacy of customers, in most cases, we only add initials.

Some recommendations come from the same customer. These will show the progress of the treatment process.

One of our long-term clients, Nigel, expressed his desire to publicly share his achievements in fighting cancer and winning the fight against cancer. He is happy to post his name and photo for us to show that he uses the MediMushrooms products travel/cycling in New Zealand and Taiwan.

Nigel said that if anyone thinks it would be helpful to talk to him about his path to recovery, please let us know and we will provide you with his contact information.

Hi Dr Alla,

Firstly, a huge thank you for the awesome products you sell, and the great service I receive from purchasing from you time and time again.

I have been buying the Shitake, Maitake and Reishi for my dog, who had his spleen removed due to cancer nearly 3 years ago. I can only assume that having him on these mushrooms has been a huge factor in him still being alive and happy, nearly 3 years after our vet said he would be lucky to make it 12 months. At nearly 12 years old he is a happy old man, and I am very thankful for every day we get to share together!

Now, sadly my parents’ dogs has just been diagnosed with a mast cell tumour, that due to its location they have decided not to attempt to remove it. So naturally, I want to get him on to the mushrooms ASAP. Can you please confirm that the 3 mushrooms I have been giving to my dog are the best ones to be giving to my parents’ dog also?
Assuming they are, I would like to buy some more for me as well..

Many thanks in advance, A. J.

Dear Dr Alla,

Thank you for your kind thoughts that went into sending the completed order, that arrived today.

Yes, something like this does generate great feelings, we are very fortunate to have such a person as you in our lives!! Your advice gives us confidence to know that we are really looking after ourselves with the best. Much appreciation and thanks to you.

Kind wishes, J. & M.

Dear Dr Alla,

Thank you for your continued support and products which we know we would not be the same without. It was a momentous day when I discovered your website on the computer so many years ago.

Kind wishes to you and thank you for your 'healthy' support, J. & M.

Good morning Dr. Alla,

The package arrived this morning - thank you.

May you enjoy a very happy Christmas season - for you and your family - and let the New Year bring all kinds of 'surprises' and happiness.

Thank you again for your wellbeing helpfulness throughout the year. We are looked on with disbelief when we disclose our ages at times. We feel blessed to have your continuing advice and help.

Kind wishes, J. & M.

Dear Dr. Alla,

I will try to cut the story short. M. escaped the knife!!! About a month after sending you an email he was called back into hospital for 3 days of tests/CT scan and then the op. on a Thursday.

In the meantime, he visited … - a place where the doctor takes samples of blood and brings them up on the screen and diagnoses from there. Plus blood pressure, urine testing. We have been going to this clinic for years on and off.
M. had a glowing report on his cells - thanks to our mushrooms etc. and Dr. Alla. Blood pressure etc. was fine.

With much gratitude for your advice and help, contributing to our well-being, J. & M.